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Privacy policy

We use cookie files to make the site more interesting, show more relevant ads and let you share the information in social networks. It is also required to analyse site traffic.

A cookie file is a bit of data transferred to your browser by a web site you visit. This helps the site to become more convenient by “remembering” you on your next visit (e.g. by using the language of your choice).

Your activity information is shared with our partner advertising and analytic services.

The Meteofor web site utilizes cookie files for several reasons:

• We save the total number of page visits and your last visit date to improve service quality.

• We keep your favorite location information to provide instant weather access.

• We keep your temperature, pressure and wind speed measurement unit settings for your convenience.

• Other web projects, such as Google, Facebook or Instagram, are aware of your visits to this site if you use their services. We can’t change their settings regarding the use of this information, still it is very unlikely that it may affect you in any negative way.

• We don’t provide any of your information to third parties, except for cases when it can improve our services.

User activity measurement and analysis

We analyse all visits to this site with Google Analytics. Transferred information contains visited page information, amount of time spent on pages, your path to the pages and several device specifications: OS and web browser type and version, extensions installed (such as Flash), and other basic information. All of the data collected is completely anonymous, we have no way to identify you with it.

The collected data lets us improve our services, make conclusions about user interests and understand paths to our resources. We’d like to remind you that the purpose of collecting the aforementioned information is our site and service improvements.

More information about analytic services can be found by following the links below:

Google Analytics

Social networks and their functions

We utilize Facebook social functions to let you share site links with your friends and like it by clicking the «Like» button and leaving your comments. Facebook service can inform you that our site is liked by X of your friends. We have no access to this information or any means to manipulate it.

Advertising on the web site

We are a small company that funds itself solely with the money we earn. Most of our income is earned by displaying ads on our site pages and in the apps. We value and appreciate user interests and strive to provide the best quality services by carefully selecting advertising partners. Still, we can’t bear the responsibility for every ad displayed by Google Ad Exchange, Google AdSense and other context and media content advertising networks. Should you run into an inappropriate ad on our site, please contact the corresponding advertising network. If you can’t identify the network, we’ll gladly help to resolve the issue. Send us a letter at: [email protected].

Learn more about the information collected by our partners by following the links below:

Google Products

Privacy policy updates

The policies listed here are sometimes updated. It usually happens when we start using new technologies or receive legal or user concerns. This page will always contain the latest version of our privacy policy.

Managing your cookie files

Modern browsers let you manage your cookie files, as some users prefer not to use them. Some browsers have extended preferences that let you manage cookie creation rules for every web site you visit. For example, you can choose to allow cookie creation only for the sites you trust.

Still have questions?

Please, send any questions regarding the policies via the e-mail: [email protected].